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Tube Pride

      Toilet paper tubes are inherently funny and so I've made a few songs about them. In fact, this is the sixth song I've made on the topic. Not only that, but I've accumulated quite a collection of toilet paper tubes. Although the first of the videos was posted to the blackturtleshow channel in 2009, it was originally posted to the blackturtleus channel on June 01, 2008 (now set to private).

Here's a link to the playlist featuring all the toilet paper tube videos:


  1. Used Toilet Paper (2009)
  2. Used Toilet Paper Tubes (2009)
  3. PWN the NOOBS with Used Toilet Paper Tubes! (2011)
  4. Tube Envy (2012)
  5. Going Tubeless (2015)
  6. Tube Pride (2017)

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Some people have a lot of stuff
That they don't really need
Some collect compulsively and
Others out of greed

And me I have a lot of tubes
That I can't throw away
I love my tubes so very much
And so they're here to stay

I'm proud of my tubes
My tubes are the best
I'm proud of my tubes
They're better than all the rest

My tubes and I go back at least
A few years maybe more
And new tubes keep accumulating
But who's keeping score?

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