Wild Weeds
Washing Day

      Although some people do laundry whenever they feel the need, others stick to a schedule. A weekly routine where laundry is done on a particular day of the week is common. In fact, Monday is the traditional day to do laundry, but regardless of when laundry is done and whether one sticks to a schedule or not, laundry is regarded by most people as a tedious task. Although it might be an unpleasant chore, it is nonetheless a chore which must be done. Otherwise clothes would be dirty and foul smelling and so virtually everyone feels compelled to do laundry. Of course, washing clothes is much easier now than it was in the past. With modern washing machines and dryers, laundry is not nearly as arduous of a process as it was many decades ago. However, when the weather is good, hanging clothes to dry on a clothesline is an option that can save a lot of energy.


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Clothes get dirty and they
Must be laundered every week
It's a thing that must be done
In order not to reek

Dry them in the dryer when it's
Windy, cold, or damp outside
Hang them up in the summer
On a line securely tied

Dirty clothes accumulate seems
It's always been that way
Never time to take a break
Once a week is washing day

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