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Water Bottle

      It's important to stay properly hydrated and this is especially true while hiking in the wilderness. This is why a water bottle should be on the list of essential equipment to take along on a hike and it's a good idea to make sure there is water in your water bottle. Of course, it is possible on some hiking routes to get water along the way. For instance, a stream can be a good source of water if it is clean and pure. However, more often than not, streams are not safe to drink from and the water must be decontaminated in some way. There are different methods of purifying water, but for most people some sort of water filter is the way to go. So, along with a water bottle it might not be a bad idea to bring along a water filter or something else that will make the water fit to drink. While staying properly hydrated is important, it's also a really good idea to avoid some sort of digestive system issue or worse as the result of drinking bad water. No matter how you look at it a water bottle is helpful when it comes to staying fully hydrated.


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A water bottle:
Is a good thing
You should always bring
Can satisfy
And make your thirst go good-bye

A bottle full of water
Can be plastic or glass
There's no downside to recycling
Don't throw them in the trash

A water bottle:
You can flip or spin
Is always a win
Can be filled from a stream
But always filter before drinking

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