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Water Pump

      A solar powered water pump is a necessity for a cabin located in the mountains. There may be a few situations where a water pump is not necessary, but most situations require a water pump and if a cabin is located way up in the mountains, chances are the only sustainable option available for cheap and reliable electricity is solar power. Besides the standard plumbing fixtures and pipe, the three key elements that will be required for an off-grid water system are the water pump, a water tank, and a way to produce hot water. In this video a glycol water-heating panel is shown along with the pump and tank. The SOLARJACK pump featured in this video will remind many people of an oil derrick or pumpjack. It's basically the same concept, but instead of pumping from a pool of underground oil, water is being sucked up from an aquifer.


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The water pump goes up, the water pump goes down
Sucking water up from deep underground
The water is sent to the tank up the hill
And the pump won't stop 'til the tank is filled

The pump is powered by the light of the sun
Which works real hard and gets the job done
The pipes take the water to the house from the tank
And the water is pure and fit to be drank

The water pump goes up
The water pump goes down
Up, down
Up, down

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