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What Does WAP Stand For?

      Back in 1991 a band calling themselves Naughty By Nature released a song called OPP and it is generally known that OPP stands for Other People's Privates. The year now being 2020, a female pop singer recently released a song called WAP and that acronym stands for Wet Ass Pussy. Both songs are quite similar in many respects, although the OPP song is probably more humorous for the most part. However, when a formula works, it's bound to be used again and again. It only makes sense that people will replicate past successes, especially when there's a lot of money involved. The payoff is huge and there is little or no push back against songs which are openly provocative, sexually speaking. There are a few people who voice objections against this sort of material, but generally speaking most people just roll their eyes as another pop song with explicit lyrics becomes popular.


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Not to be low brow
But I do not wish to kiss that cow
Not to be course
But I'm not gonna ride on that horse

Seems a little too much to me like....

No doubt it's a total fail
There's something wrong with that whale
Not gonna cross that line
Not gonna dine with that swine

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