Wild Weeds
Awesome Roots

      The spring bloom for 2015 in the northern Mojave Desert was better than average and compared to the previous three years it was quite impressive. Fueled primarily by light rain during January and early February, the bloom was strong during most of March, but it tailed off a little earlier than would be the case during a strong year. A couple of wildflower species were especially prolific this year, most notably the brown-eyed evening primrose. However, about ninety percent of the brown-eyed evening primrose was wiped out rather suddenly by white lined sphinx caterpillars and so the brown-eyed evening primrose only lasted a couple weeks instead of lingering for a bit longer. Also of interest was a particularly strong stand of sandblossoms (Linanthus parryae) which carpeted a large area near Wilson Canyon (located on the west side of Searles Valley) with white and occasional light-blue flowers. The desert hyacinth was also quite strong and other than that the usual flowers were easy to locate while out roaming around in the desert.


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Ordinary wildflowers
In the hot dry air
Assaulted by the elements
Scattered here and there

Flowers grow and then they bloom
It happens every year
It's a natural process
Not much to see here!

Appearances can conceal
Hidden attributes
Kinda nice to look at and
They've got some awesome roots!

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