Wild Weeds
Wild Horses Run Away

      Definitely not a native species, wild horses have proliferated in many parts of North America, particularly in the western states. Although they are majestic animals, they do a great deal of damage to local ecosystems, especially when their numbers are not kept in check. The extent of the damage they cause is difficult to estimate, but most people are so transfixed by the beauty of these beasts that they fail to realize the hidden costs of allowing them to remain in the wild. Perhaps the costs are subtle, but they are very real since many native species are threatened as a result of the presence of these large, non-native animals. All that being said, there is no doubt that encountering a herd of wild horses is always a thrilling experience. Most wild horses are skittish, but there are some that can be aggressive. I've encountered wild horses of both types with the ones in this video being particularly skittish.


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Up in the mountains hanging out
Grazing on a cloudy day
When an intruder comes around
The wild horses run away

Maybe they are skittish
Perhaps they are a little shy
But the safety of the herd
Is all it takes to justify

Evasive action needed
A swift retreat to safer ground
The strategy is simple
When an intruder comes around

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