Wild Weeds

      There are many flowers that open in the evening and close when the sun rises. Usually the reason for this has to do with the plant relying on nocturnal insects for its pollination-related needs. This song/video presents a somewhat different theory to explain why this plant opens its flowers only at night. The idea is that the plants, whose flowers look a little bit like miniature satellite dishes, use their flowers to communicate with others of their kind who inhabit planets outside of our solar system. Obviously, despite the serious tone of the song, this is a farcical explanation for the plant's nocturnal flower opening pattern, but as the basis for some kind of science fiction novel, it might be sufficiently plausible to be compelling provided that other inventive assertions are made about the plant.


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They hear your footsteps
Long before you get there
They see you coming, but
Know that you will not stay
Their flowers open
Only in the evening
They're rolled up tightly
The entire day
They have no interest in
This solar system
Communicating with a
World that's far away

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