Wild Weeds
What Is A Woman Anyways?

      The definition of the word woman is simple and clear. There is no ambiguity. It's just a simple matter of biology. However, there are extremists who insist that it is difficult to define the word. They talk about gender fluidity and other nonsense as if their fantasy world has some intellecutal validity outside their circle of like-minded individuals. It's important to not allow a small group of mentally unstable people to dictate to the majority how to use language. Otherwise, anything can wind up meaning anything and there will be nothing but ambiguity and meaninglessness in the world.


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A conundrum so complex
A question so profound
The truth ain't quite so simple though
The answer can't be found

All the wisest people with
Their brains in a haze
Cannot answer
What is a woman anyways?

The answer to this question
You might think is clear as day
But if you dare to answer
They will make you pay

You know, they'll demonitize your video
Or send you to Twitter jail
Or otherwise cancel or dox you
The woketards mean business!

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