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Sustainable Wood Supply

      Like the song says: It takes a lot of wood to keep a cabin warm. Although this is especially true during the winter, it's surprising how cold it can sometimes get during the other seasons. At higher elevations intensely cold storms can move through an area even during the summer. Snowstorms are not unheard of even during July! So, unless a cabin is equipped with alternative methods for generating heat, wood is the most likely option. Of course, although the amount of wood used during spring, summer, and fall, may not be great, it takes a lot of wood to make it though an extended cold winter. Many people pay other people to stockpile wood for them, but one way or the other wood must be cut, hauled, chopped, and stacked, and that's a lot of work. On top of that after it is burned, ashes must be removed from the wood burning stove and disposed of one way or another. On top of that, chimneys must be cleaned periodically. It all adds up to a lot of work, without a doubt!


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It takes a lot of wood
To keep a cabin warm
It can get extremely cold
In a really nasty storm
Stockpiling wood is a necessary chore
Oak, pine, spruce, or even sycamore

Sustainable wood supply
Sustainable wood supply
You need a sustainable
Wood supply!

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