Wild Weeds
Write-In Candidate

      The way we elect the president here in the USA is backward and broken in a number of ways. One particularly odd aspect of the system is that it actually makes it more or less impossible to elect a write-in candidate, especially if the candidate gains national attention late in the election cycle and lacks the resources to jump through all the necessary hoops on a state-by-state basis. Although it could be argued that a qualified candidate would have gained the necessary support to have taken care of all that red tape and pay all the accompanying fees prior to all relevant deadlines, the bottom line is that there are only three requirements for someone to serve as president and creating additional barriers which prevent an individual from being elected seems to contradict the U.S. Constitution. Some might argue that these provisions prevent candidates of low quality from stealing an election at the last minute, but considering the patheticly low quality of the two front-runners in the 2016 presidential election, this argument seems ridiculous.


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The meanest thing that we could do
If we really want to hurt the Russians
Is to send them Obama, Clinton, and Trump
There's no need for more discussion

No need for sanctions that don't work
There don't gotta be no shootin'
Kick out the rejects who messed things up
That's why I'm writing in Putin

The letter of the law don't allow
A non-native to be president
But if Clinton's crimes can be overlooked
Then I think the law oughta be bent

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