Wild Weeds
Halloween (What Do You Want To Be?)

      There's been a lot of talk about a war on Christmas over the last few years and it appears as if there is now a war on Halloween! For some reason there are those who disapprove of certain types of Halloween costumes and they have an annoying habit of voicing their complaints rather loudly. It would be nice if they'd just shut up and go away, but such an outcome would only occur in a world ruled by logic and reason. In any case, it's hard to take this sort of thing seriously, but the shrill whining of those complaining about racially insensitive costumes has become difficult to ignore. My thinking is that instead of sending those who inadvertiently offend some idiot off to get sensitivity training, those too quick to be offended should be sent to tolerance training!


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A zombie or the president
Whataya wannabe?
Sombrero-wearing deviant
Whataya wannabe?

Careful, you might offend someone
Without even trying
Don't go to school with a toy gun
You might wind up dying

Cowboy, Injun, man from Mars
Whataya wannabe?
A sad clown smoking cheap cigars
Whataya wannabe?

Feminazis and religious nuts
Wanna regulate everything
Extremists stuck in a rut
It's just Halloween

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