Wild Weeds
Don't Tell Me What To Eat

      What would happen if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were to breed and product viable offspring? Well, in all likelihood the result would be something similar to Kid Rock. BTW, whether you consider Mr. Rock to be a thug from Detroit or a wannabee hillbilly rapper from down south, the following food chart is likely to apply:


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I'll eat a few donuts and maybe some pies
You'd better watch your back or I'll steal your fries
Ten bags of chips and a dozen hot dogs
I'm workin' real hard to be as fat as a hog

I'll eat a whole chicken or a quart of ice cream
I'm the fattest blubber trucka you've ever seen
You'll always see me eatin' I'm a bottomless pit
I'm fat and disgusting and I don't care a bit

Ain't noboby gonna tell me what to eat!

I've got the appetite of a walrus
And the brains of a flea
And if I had the arms of an octopus
I could stuff a ton more food inside of me!

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