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What's Inside?

      It's natural for people to be curious and "What's Inside?" videos attempt to satisfy the curiosity people may have regarding the mysterious interior of various objects. It's kind of like a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" scenario, but on a much smaller scale. Common objects are cut, chopped, cracked, drilled, or otherwise dismantled to reveal what's hidden inside them. Many videos and a couple YouTube channels, in particular, have been quite successful at providing answers to the "What's Inside?" question. One is a father and son channel, which provided the inspiration for the characters which are portrayed in this video. No criticism is intended in this video. It's just a light-hearted parody of the channel and the videos which appear on the channel. There are only so many interesting objects and only so many approaches to getting inside objects and so it takes some creativity to make the question of "What's Inside?" last more than a few videos.


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What's inside an onion?
What's inside a bed?
What's inside a bag of crap?
What's inside your head?

It's a waste of time to speculate
There's just one way to know
To reveal the mysterious middle
Is the point of this show

What's inside a piggy bank?
What's inside a cow?
What's inside a nuclear bomb?
It's time to find out now!

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