Wild Weeds

      The name of the album was "Joshua Tree" and it featured a picture of a large Joshua tree that was located along Route 190 near the town of Darwin. That was back in the late 1980s. Now that once majestic Joshua tree is dead and decomposing. However, a plaque has been placed at the site where the Joshua tree once grew and people visit the site fairly often. Getting to the location of this deceased Joshua tree is fairly easy as long as you know where to find it. To get there locate the thirty-three mile marker along Route 190. From there walk about three-tenths of a mile south from the highway. Chances are that you'll find what you're looking for!


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Some might come to say hello
Others to say good bye
It's a beautiful day for a hike
And here's the reason why

The yuccas are in bloom
And there's lots of room

Where there are no streets
To have no names
I found what I was looking for
A break from stupid games

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