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      Interesting coincidences happen all the time and recently a famous pop singer released a song called "Yummy" and it just so happens that I wrote a song called "Yummy" back in 2005. His song and my song are for the most part very different, but both songs use the word "yummy" several times. However, our songs are more different than similar. Whereas his song is insipid and apparently sung in ernest, my song sarcastically tells the humorous story about a boy named Justin who has a bad habit. What is Justin's bad habit, you may ask. Well, the boy sucks his thumb and he does so excessively. Not only is this habit embarrassing, but it can also have bad effects on the thumb and the teeth. So the song is fully of admonitions warning the boy that he should stop sucking his thumb. In the end it is probably the case that poor, little Justin cannot stop sucking since that seems to be part of his nature, but at least there is hope that he will stop sucking his thumb.

It should be noted that I reworked the song from 2005 for this video and you can listen to both versions of "Yummy" if you'd like. There is a link to the 2005 version of "Yummy" at the bottom of the page for your convenience.


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2005 version of YUMMY


I knew this kid named Justin
Who liked to suck his thumb
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum
He just kept on sucking
Until it went numb
Nummy, nummy, nummy, nummy, nummy, num

Justin was a bit confused
His manners could not be excused
He seemed to have no self-control
He couldn't keep his thumb out of his pie hole!

Justin loved his thumb
More than bubblegum
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum
He sucked so much that
He finally lost his thumb
Dummy, dummy, dummy, dummy, dummy, dum

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