Wild Weeds
Zelensky Is A Clown

      Despite the endless propaganda from the corporate news media, many Americans are extremely skeptical about our involvement in Ukraine. People who are well-informed realize that we instigated the insurrection in Ukraine back in 2014 and that it was that event which has led to the mess we are dealing with now. If we had resisted the urge to interfere back then we would not be wasting billions of dollars in a completely unnecessary and pointless military endeavor. However, the neoCONS (aka, globalists) have an agenda and a strong belief that the USA must run the affairs of other countries. They believe that regime change is the best way to advance the interests of the USA. Needless to say not all Americans agree with that theory, but the neocons have managed to hijack our military and are making the world a more dangerous place on our behalf nonetheless.


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Just another puppet like
Navalny and the girls
Like so many times before
The plot predictably unfurls
Zelensky is a clown!

A propaganda tool
A stooge to do their bidding
A well-trained mindless mutt
Totally unwitting
Zelensky is a clown!

Like a craving that must be fed every single day
Just more interference from the USA
Libya, Iraq, the list goes on and on
Habitual behavior, a never-ending con

Biden and his son
Ukraine is enriching
Dead soldiers make them money and
For more they are itching
Zelensky is their clown!

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