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Zombie Love

      Two very popular holidays are Valentine's Day and Halloween. If they were combined all sorts of interesting scenarios would be created, including the possibility of ZOMBIE LOVE, which is the title of the song and video featured on this page. Now to be frank and direct, zombie love would not be something that most people would want to observe. Two rotting corpses going at it is not a pleasant vision to contemplate and it would probably be even worse in real life. Just think of the unpleasant odor produced by the rotting corpses for starters. Never mind any of the gory and otherwise graphic details. In fact, the whole idea is disgusting! Why would anyone even want to think of such an unpleasant topic, let alone write a song and put together a video about it? Many of us humans have seriously sick and demented minds... and we're quite proud of it actually! LOL


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Two braindead zombies sitting in a tree
Along comes a zombie, braindead dove
It was a bad, bad case of zombie love

Zombie love - It's sad to say
Is like Halloween on Valentine's Day

Zombie tongues in a tangled mess
What comes next, ya don't wanna guess
Romantic visions undreamed of
Another case of zombie love

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