Wild Weeds
Zombie Candidates

      Most voters in the USA have not been terribly impressed with any of the major presidential candidates in recent elections. Although sometimes there is a third-party candidate who more closely embodies our values and political preferences, none of these candidates have a realistic chance of getting elected and so we find ourselves stuck voting for one of the two losers representing the two dominant political parties! And the sad truth is that one of these two losers will wind up winning the election! It's probably unrealistic to think that a candidate capable of winning a national election would have strong widespread appeal. Instead what we do is vote for the least objectionable candidate and feel horribly dissatisfied with our selection, but realize that the alternative is even worse!


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One has really big ears
And he's almost sorta funny
The other guy never drinks beer
And he has a ton of money

Campaign ads to infect your brain
Zombie Candidates
Has the country gone down the drain
Zombie Candidates

Bath salts in the punch
Turned the candidates into zombies
Debating live from the tub at lunch
Zombie Obama and Zombie Romney!

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