Wild Weeds
The Bush Legacy

Clinton made excuses Clinton told a lie
But none of his deceptions made thousands die
Millions recognized that Bush was full of crap
When he announced that he would go invade Iraq

He must be morally numb
Or unbelievably dumb

How did 9-ll lead to Iraq?
So much more convenient might as well attack
What's all this confusion and propaganda psych
Hussein and Bin Laden don't even look alike

He must be morally numb
Or unbelievably dumb

It seems that it's alright to lie
As long as enough people die
And pictures are kept from public view
We'll overcome atrocity
By building a democracy
And waving the red, white, and blue

How can this great nation be looked at with respect?
They think that we're all stupid, but what do you expect?
War crimes from the White House, but Congress let's it slide
Pretending not to see what's impossible to hide

He must be morally numb
Or unbelievably dumb


There are few that would deny that George Bush Jr. has been one of the worst presidents in the history of the USA. Some would even go so far as to say that he is guilty of war crimes and should be impeached.

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