Wild Weeds

Dead Bunny


We were driving through the desert
Easter Sunday afternoon
Dad was guzzling beers and driving
Like a drunken, dumb baboon

A bunny hopped out on the road
And dad he hit the gas
I heard a thud and dad he said
I just ran over the Easter Bunny's ass

Well me and Mark and Mary
We were filled with shock and awe
Mary choked back tears and asked
Why'd you go and do that pa?

Dad just grinned and took
Another gulp of his beer
And said no one needs that
Big dumb bunny hopping around here

Dad ran over the Easter Bunny on Easter
He said he was glad to kick that rabbit's keister
Now me and Mark and Mary are traumatized
(Yeah, it's true!)
But dad says that dead bunnies tell no lies


This song was actually written on Easter Sunday in 2006. I imagined a somewhat dysfunctional family driving down the road and the dad swerving to hit a rabbit on purpose. I've known a few people who would actually do that, so it's not that unrealistic to think that a slightly drunk father might actually do something like that with his kids in the car!

An updated version of this song used in a YouTube video
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