Death Valley Plants
South Sierra Plants

She is what I'd call a cesspool of enthusiasm
Everything that she did was like a cheerful spasm
No matter what I said she'd ignore my sarcasm
Even when I was rude her smile was like an endless chasm

Infectious they say
Lights up your day

Layoffs hit the company, but that smile stayed on her face
Somehow her boundless sense of joy, seemed out of place
Her pep talks for the laid off were way out of line
Company propaganda spewing from a simple mind

The big chiefs at the company liked her attitude
But those on the way out found her kind of rude
I'm not sure if what happened next was right or wrong
The details and the blood and guts I'll leave out of this song


A little song about the mindless airheads who always defend the powers that be...

Song written: Spring 2005
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