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Heinz Lice Cure

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Nalts and Renetto are a couple of YouTube users who have posted a ton of really good videos and have become quite popular on YouTube. They did two gag videos called "Being Renetto" parts one and two. In these videos Nalts expressed the deep-seated desire to be awesome like Renetto and so Renetto helped him out. In the process, Renetto shaved Nalts bald. A whole bunch of people created response videos and mine was called "Does Nalts Have Head Lice?" Nalts and Renetto both did a few follow-up videos and a whole bunch of people, including me, posted follow-ups to their follow-ups. The videos that are most pertinent to my involvement in this little series of videos and response videos are listed on the right side of this page.

Just when it seemed that the whole lice problem was over, Nalts came out with his "Mayonnaise Heads" video. This prompted me to post my "Lice Cream" video. A week or so later, Nalts posted a parody commercial for the Heinz Commercial Contest and so I editted a couple of clips from his videos and put together my "Heinz Lice Cure" video. Great fun!!!

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