Wild Weeds
Toad Kisser


I can talk to myself - or I can talk to you
Cuz I love speculating - I love gossip too
It's a long conversation - never seems to end
And it's not interesting - but I try to pretend

Kiss a toad! It won't hurt a bit
It'll taste like a juicy zit!
Kiss a toad! Just do it!
I just love to bull****!

No one seems to like me - and they don't like you
Cuz we're both old and boring - kinda ugly too!
We talk too much - we talk too long
And this way of getting attention - just totally wrong!


Alternate chorus:
Tell a lie! Just do it!
Shout it from the pulpit
Make it up like a dimwit
Cuz you love that bull****!


Watch the video at YouTube:

"Toad Kisser" Video at YouTube

Also you can see part of the song included in "Kiss the Toad Weiners" posted by Nalts on his responseofnalts channel:

"Kiss the Toad Weiners" by responseofnalts at YouTube


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